Why I’m Doing This

I would like to welcome everyone to my blog.  Blog posts will be short and to the point.

This blog will be educational.  I aim to break down information so that it’s easily digested and useful.  This is also a chance to reinforce topics that I discuss with clients to help clear up a lot of the confusion and misinformation out there.  As many of you already know, this field has very few absolutes.  Almost everything in the industry can be debated, and nobody will be more right or wrong than others.

Most of the time, the answer will be “it depends”. ” Is this a good food (it depends); My friend does X workout…..should I do it (it depends); Should I run out and buy what Dr. Oz tells me…..no.

If you know me or have worked with me, you know I am very conservative.  My ideas of various exercise programs, diets, ways of thinking, will all be on a continuum based on information and applicability.  You may agree with some topics or not, but you’ll see one view.

The flip side is that all of the information gets transformed over time with new information.  15 years ago, people thought that the low fat high carb diets were the BEST and everyone should do them.  Nowadays we know that that may only work for some, but not for the majority.  Food A is good this week and bad next week.  Exercise B is the number 1 exercise now and terrible for joints next week.  You get the point.

Stay tuned

Much more to come

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