Interval Timer App

I have recently been working with an IntervalTimer app on the iPhone and like the simplicity of use.  Here is a quick tutorial of how to use it.  (Most interval timer apps should operate very similarly).  I would suggest trying the free version, but the paid version allows you to save workouts for reference.

Here’s a screenshot of the app so that you can find it from the app store.


This is the app itself when it’s opened.  To edit a workout protocol click the timer (clock) in the upper right corner


This will send you to the screen to edit the workout.


Let’s enter the following workout.  The only thing you will have to do is know what exercises you’re doing.  (I’m sure more advanced apps can allow you to enter the exact exercise, but simply writing them on paper will be just fine).

4 rounds:  20 seconds on 40 seconds off.

A1. Bodyweight Squat    A2.  Pushup   A3. Lunge (Left leg)   A4. Lunge (Right leg)

You can name the routine as 20:40 if you choose. This is also Type Simple.

Adjust the warm up time for the amount of time it will take you to start the timer, set it down, and get to your first exercise.

For the interval cycle, we’ll click it to adjust the numbers:

First you enter the number of sets (We have 4 rounds of 4 exercises so we have 16).

Also set first interval to HIGH


After setting it click DONE in the upper right and it will take you back to the first screen


Now you can click start and the countdown will begin and make sure the sound is up to hear the buzzers.

You can also mess with song selection and other little tweaks (such as locking your phone if its in your pocket, or having the song change or stay the same with each different set).

The final tweak I would recommend is based on your recovery capacity.  If you get through the 4 exercises but 40 seconds isn’t enough time to recover before your next “round”, you can go back into the current routine page.  Edit the number of sets back down to 4 (since we’ll be doing them individually now). Swipe the Repeat option to turn it on. Set the  number of cycles to 4. Then adjust your rest time to what you think will be necessary for you to recover.


With the free app, only the most recent workout will be saved. It takes a few seconds to adjust, but if you rotate through different combinations you may want to forgo that $4 coffee at Starbucks and buy the app itself.


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