What Protein Should I Get

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is if I recommend protein powders and what I recommend.  There are multiple ways to look at which is best, and in this short post we will dive into it.

I do recommend protein powders for most all people due to the fact that most people do not get enough protein in their diet.  Quality protein sources are sometimes hard to find, take time to prep, and are extremely satiating (in a good and bad way).  Protein powders are relatively cheap, easily digested, and extremely convenient.

Just like with any food, you have to base your selection off of what you need and what you can afford.  Some cheap powders can be as little as $10/lb and $30/lb, but they will vary dramatically in taste, quality, % protein, bioavailability, and many other aspects.

Generally, there are 3 major types of protein: concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.  There are many other derivatives (egg, hemp, pea, etc) as well as different heating and cooling methods, but for the sake of this article we will leave it at 3.

1. Concentrate is the cheapest form in both price and protein composition (only 70% protein per gram).  May be gritty and hard to digest, but cheap.

2. Isolate is the middle of the road and in my opinion, the best bang for your buck.

3. Hydrolyzed was all of the rage a couple years ago, but the high price made it less popular.  Highest quality no doubt about it.

Before my recommendations, there are a few things to look at for a protein powder.

1) Total calories. Cal from fat, carbs, sugars, and protein.

2) Grams of protein – shoot for 20-25 per serving

3) No added sugars (less than 7 grams) (or if on weight loss plan, less than 3-5g)

4) Low amount of ingredients and fillers.

Places to get protein.  1. Walmart/GNC,  2. online,  3. in club (currently snap fitness for me)

1. Walmart has the cheapest of the cheap Body Fortress and Six Star. Best available is Muscle Pharm or Muscle Milk. Muscle tech Isolate is decent, the rest is less to be desired.  Gritty but cheap. Flip side, GNC has a wide range from bad to excellent but you will pay a pretty penny for it in price/pound either way.

2. Bodybuilding.com is my go to.  Other sites will be comparable. Check out and shop around.  I just made a purchase on Monday night and got my order Wednesday morning.  Top Protein and best bang for your buck. (both recommendations for general people)

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder

3.  At my Snap Fitness gym, we started selling Clean Vitamins. It is a whey isolate, low sugar, mixes, well but $21/lb.  Very convenient none the less.

In general, I go with vanilla so that I can make “Super Shakes

If I had unlimited funds. I would buy my protein from BioTest or BioTrust 

If you’re interested in more advanced types of protein for serious bodybuilding or specific allergies/intolerances, shoot me an email and we can find one for you.

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