Flossing and Fitness

I saw recently that 67% of adults to not floss their teeth at least once per day. If you are one of the 33%, then give yourself a pat on the back (although theres a 2/3 chance you’re lying).  Even though I do a lot to take care of my body, I am sadly a part of the 67% that do not.

I’ve had dentists tell me everything under the sun about how healthy it is for me, about how I can prevent cavities, even had me watch a 10 minute video about gingivitis (seriously).  I’d like to consider myself well educated, so I don’t think education about gum disease is the issue (just like most people know vegetables are good for them).  I’m just kind of lazy.  I asked the hygienist how she gets people to floss and she said she doesn’t…..she only says that we should and hopes it sticks.

Contrary to the health and fitness field, there aren’t many best sellers about flossing.  I am sure there is plenty of good information out there, but certainly not 10,000 books about it.  So whats the hang up?  You need to have floss.  It’s cheap.  It takes 10-30 seconds. Why aren’t people flossing?

Here comes the important take home message: Sometimes you just have to do. Start doing and make it a habit.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to floss.  Don’t buy an expensive powered flosser. Don’t say you don’t have time.  Just do something. Start small.

Tie this into whatever fitness domain you like (you can also use the example of flossing as well).  5 minute walk.  Eating veggies at every meal. Stretch.



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