Client Spotlight – Denise

Todays Spotlight spotlight goes out to my client Denise


Denise has been absolutely killing it and I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and ask what her “secret” is. So I’m happy to share her “secret” with you.

There is no secret 😱

She already had a pretty good diet plan, been extremely consistent with her 2x per week strength training plan, and had been walking regularly. Off to a great start…….but she’s been doing that for a while…..what else?

  1. She started the online nutrition coaching with me.  This gave her solid habits to follow and skills to practice which gave her direction and great ideas for planning.
  2. She improved her snacking by prepping and chopping up vegetables to take with her on the road as well as tuna packets in her desk at work for a high protein snack.
  3. She planned meals and always thought about challenges ahead due to her busy schedule.
  4. She satisfied her sweet tooth with a pretty decent tasting low sugar chocolate protein shake.
  5. She started eating slowly and mindfully.

Overall, she is just doing a LOT of things right and consistently.  By identifying and addressing things she felt were ‘weaknesses’, she was able take that next step.  Throughout this whole process she has felt a lot better and her overall health has improved.  On top of all of that, she shared this in social media, which also takes a huge amount of courage!


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