Few Thoughts on Meal Prepping

There’s a large majority of people who struggle with meal planning and sticking to it throughout their busy week.
Here’s a few things to think about.
1. Meal planning and prepping is a SKILL. This means that you’ll have to practice, learn, practice, learn, etc to get better. You’ll need to experiment, see what works, and learn from your mistakes.

2. Once you have the skillZ, you’ll use up a lot less brain power doing it, and it will become easier and easier. Meal prep on autopilot is wonderful.
3. You will have to devote some time to it. The ‘quick and easy meal’ will require work, so it makes sense to devote time when you have time to save time (
4. You don’t need perfection. The online posts of impressive 10 stacked high perfect meals all precooked that were done over a 5 hour period on Sunday is not realistic. Base your prepping schedule on your busy-ness level.
Here’s what you can do:
1. Write out a meal plan. Just get it down on paper. Mon-Sun breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Too much? Try a day? Sun-Wed and Thur-Sat?  Decide which meals will be easy, which will be difficult, and if there will be any potential conflicts. Plan ahead.
2. Set aside 1 or 2 days per week (Sundays work great) to at least write the menu, pre-chop veggies, or just to see what you have and need grocery-wise.
3. Whenever you are cooking, it takes 20 extra seconds to chop a few more veggies, cook a bit more protein, and place extra food in containers. Since you’re already in the kitchen, make the most out of it.
4. Evaluate how you did that week. What worked well? What didn’t?
The whole point of doing this is to increase the likelihood that you’ll eat a healthy pre-planned option and to save yourself time and energy when you need it most.  This has helped organize my family’s life and has made a dramatic difference.  My wife does the planning and we get to avoid the dreaded “What do you want for dinner?” conversation (the one where NOT cooking and getting take out sounds AMAZING).
Here’s a sample week that I randomly pulled off my phone.  (Little context:  Breakfasts are for our son and we also give him fruit.  Lunch is usually leftovers from the previous night)
Questions? Thoughts? Comments?
Let me know.

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