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How Fat Loss Works

Just recently, I had a discussion with a client about how fat loss works. He had been struggling with losing body fat despite eating a low amount of calories per day and exercising three times per week. After our metabolism and physiology lecture, I told him I would write a post to simplify things in 5 key steps or less. Here they are:

1. Have a small calorie deficit. 

In the number of calories in (food) must be less than the number of calories out calories out (resting metabolism + exercise) in order to lose weight.  There is nothing more simple than that.  Your body is comfortable with having a smaller deficit (300-500 calories), but red flags will be thrown up for a 500+ calorie deficit.  The common “eat less and exercise more” initiative usually ends up in a larger deficit with way too few calories in and an overexerted calories out, which can alter hormones and affect metabolism, leading us to number two.

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